Patient Safety Day is coming up on September 17th. If you’re reading this, no doubt you are already aware of the hazards that patients face in medical care.

I am so glad you’ve found us here at The Care Partner Project because it means you’re being proactive — good for you!

Trust me when I tell you that you’re in the tiny minority of informed and active. So often I seem to get cross-eyed looks when people ask me about what I do and I say, “I help families learn how to get safe care for their loved ones in the hospital.” The reaction is usually puzzlement, with a response like:

”Isn’t that what doctors and nurses are for?”

“We use ‘X’ hospital for everything and it’s brand new, state-of-the-art.”

“That’s the reason I go to a doctor that’s affiliated with a teaching hospital, so I know I’ll be getting the best if I ever need it.”

“Our local hospital is wonderful. We know everyone there. My neighbor is Chief of Surgery and my son’s best friend’s mom is head of nursing.”

In every case, the real message is “I’m in a comfort zone” — please don’t invade it by telling me there’s one more thing in this life I need to worry about!

I get it! I’m the same way — I don’t want to hear about a problem without knowing the solution. I just can’t deal with the anxiety otherwise!

That’s why I founded The Care Partner Project.

It’s for all of us who are aware of patient safety issues but need to feel we can do something about them — one patient at a time, beginning with those we love.

Would you help spread awareness…and our solutions? Please share The Care Partner Project with your friends and family and we’ll all sleep better tonight!