Did you know there are “age-safe” meds for our oldest and our youngest?

In our last Tuesday Tips, we filled you in on The Beers List and how to make sure you’re taking medications that are “age-safe” if you’re a senior.

This week we turn to the “juniors”!

Know the age-safe meds for kiddos.

Kids process medications differently than adults — and infants process some medications differently than older kids.

That’s a lot to absorb! Fortunately, there’s a great resource for parents and doctors.

Use The KIDS List* from The Pediatric Pharmacy Association to help make sure your child takes medications that are safe for their age.

“Sweat the details” of every medication.

Look up every medication your child takes (doctor-prescribed and drugstore remedies you pick up)

Check against The Kids List.

Google all the names for each: meds go by a few different names!

Ask questions. Be cautious.

Let your doctor know If you find a medication prescribed or recommended for your child and it’s on The KIDS List.

Discuss potential alternatives.

If necessary, get a 2nd opinion from a pharmacist – keep questioning until you feel comfortable that every medication is SAFE for your child.