The Beatles are right… “We get by with a little help from our friends.”  Especially for our health care!
A Yale study revealed that a whopping 75% of patients aged 65/older don’t understand their medication routine ­– or follow it as prescribed.  Pretty dangerous! No wonder medication errors are a top cause of emergency room trips! 

This isn’t just about seniors, though: it’s well known that most patients forget about half (or more!) of what their doctors tell them ­­– and that’s just human nature.  Who can track every detail when worried about their health?

So, what’s the solution? Buddy up!  

Always bring a trusted friend or relative with you to doctor appointments as your Care Partner. Their job is to listen and take good notes for you…and maybe, help you speak up with your questions and concerns.

Ask these key questions about every drug your Dr. recommends: 

  • What is this medication for?
  • What are the signs it’s working? (And, not working?)
  • What are possible side effects?
  • Is this med safe to take with others? (Including your vitamins, herbals, drugstore-type aids)
  • Any limitations for my activity and diet?

Look up every medication prescribed here.  65 or older? Take the extra step of consulting the Beers list of “caution” medications for seniors.

Your peace of mind will come from minding all these details, but we know they can be overwhelming. Getting by with a Care Partner at your side makes such a difference!