Secrets to getting the most out of every minute with your doctor!

Think of your doctor appointments as doctor meetings. This subtle shift in thinking makes a difference! Follow these simple steps for good communication between you and your doctor.

Start by creating a written agenda for meeting with your doctor. 

  • Think about what you want to accomplish: state your goals for the meeting.
  • If you have several goals, list them in order of priority.
  • List your questions related to each goal.
  • Include a wrap-up section for discussion of next steps. For example: What does your doctor recommend?  What more do you need to learn or do? Is a second opinion needed?

Share your written agenda with your doctor: most will appreciate learning what’s important to you in this summary.

Appreciate your doctor’s agenda.

  • They prep for meetings with you by looking over your medical records.
  • They bring a wealth of knowledge with them, too!

Bring a family member or friend with you as your Care Partner to:

  • Take notes for you– very handy to have later!
  • Help remind you of questions you want to ask.
  • (As needed) Help moderate the conversation to cover your agenda, as well as your doctor’s.

Adopting a “meeting mindset” is a win-win! Your doctors understand your needs quickly, and you can ensure your questions and priorities are covered.

For your best medical care, good communication is good for everyone!