When to speak up for your best care!  (Even if you are a bit reserved, try your best.)

Speak Up for Plain Speak
When doctors use medical terms, patients tend to listen and nod, even when they don’t understand. Don’t be too proud to say: “Everything you’re telling me is so important! Please use non-medical words I know.”

Speak up about Drug Costs
When the cost of medication is unaffordable, patients tend to skip doses or not take at all. Doctors want to know that the meds they prescribe work for you and your budget. Don’t be too proud to ask about the cost and any cheaper options.

Speak up for Help
About 20% of patients are back in the hospital within 30 days. Why? No help during recovery! When patients are discharged, they are not 100% – don’t be too proud to ask. Helping hands can help prevent a round trip!

Need help speaking up? We’ve been told that Care Partner Project checklists do the trick. Having good information at your fingertips builds confidence to help you find your voice… and be heard! So important for getting the best care – the care you and your loved ones deserve!