As September rolls around and kids go back to school, we are reminded of….tests!

But, as you know, there are all kinds of tests in life, and today we’re tackling the medical kind of tests… and maybe, how you can avoid some!

Tests can reveal really critical information you and your doctor may need to understand your health and treatment options. However, our health care system is a bit “test crazy.” There are a lot of reasons for this, but bottom line, it pays to ask a few questions for every test your doctor orders, because it could affect your own bottom line. Tests are never cheap!

So, these are your “test questions” every time one is ordered for you!

“What will we learn from this test?”

Will the test results be a “need to know” or a “nice to know” for my next steps in care?”

“How will the information we get from this test be used?”

Does this test require pre-authorization from my insurance company?

Stay up to date with your medical records. Did you have the same test just recently? Maybe ordered by another doctor? If so, speak up. It’s possible that prior results can be used and will spare you the time and expense of repeating a test.

Having good information about your health is always important to your peace of mind. Knowing that it does not come as an unnecessary burden on your time or bank account can contribute to peace of mind, too. It’s a value equation no one learns in school but you will know it when you see it.