Thinking about going through with that surgery you’ve been putting off?

Summer is winding down and you might be thinking about having that torn rotator cuff repaired, or your “bad hip” needs attention. You’ve been managing OK, but you may be ready for some solutions!

Holidays are a popular time to schedule elective surgeries. Makes sense! Downtime at work and insurance benefits play into this decision.

But before you forge ahead, consider these little-known facts:

Two cautionary tips:

Holidays are when the most senior medical staff are rewarded with “first dibs” on time off.  Do you want your medical care to coincide with their self-care? Maybe there’s another opening in your schedule!

Wednesday is the safest day for surgery! (Tuesdays are OK, too.) Why? Mondays are busy! Fridays are favored by patients, but what if something goes wrong? Your Dr. may be off for the weekend, covered by a doc who doesn’t know you.

More good tips!

Speak up. Ask your doctor about their vacation schedule and time off.

Bring someone with you as your Care Partner – and be sure they know what to do and say to help you get the best possible care.

Use Care Partner Project checklists to help you decide about surgery–  and guide your Care Partner in supporting your care.

Keep all of these tips top of mind. Whatever you decide to do, we hope you feel confident about your choice.