Sepsis Awareness Month: Spotting the Signs to End Sepsis

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Rory Staunton’s Story: Close to Heart and Home

Rory StauntonOn Wednesday, March 28, 2012, Rory dived for a ball during gym class at the Garden School in Jackson Heights, NY, and cut his arm. The gym teacher did not send him to the nurse, who was on duty in her office, but instead applied two Band-Aids. He did not clean Rory’s wound. Rory went back to play. Three days later, Rory died from sepsis. 

September is Sepsis Awareness Month 
A common misunderstanding about sepsis is that it is hospital infection, but Rory’s story is not uncommon.

Keep these signs of sepsis in mind – signs that Rory’s pediatrician didn’t even pick up – so you can be aware and be pro-active. Early detection and treatment are critical!

Signs of Sepsis

If you or a loved one has these symptoms, act quickly. Time is not on your side.

  • Ask for a RAPID sepsis test. If necessary, INSIST
  • Negative test result? Symptoms persist? TEST AGAIN 

Soap and water could have saved Rory’s life.
Simple steps can have significant results. We just need to know what to do!

Will you join us in sharing Rory’s story?
Please forward this note to your friends and family.

Together, let’s help end sepsis.