Have you ever felt this way?
I’ll make my doctor mad with all my questions!

Last week, we heard the story of a woman, Pam, whose doctor “fired her” because she asked “too many questions”. She shared them with us, and frankly, her questions were all reasonable and necessary to help Pam feel comfortable with upcoming eye surgery. She felt mortified, however, by her doctor’s dismissal… but we trust Pam will feel relieved when she finds a doctor who takes the time to discuss her questions and concerns. Wouldn’t you?

I’ll alienate my doctor if I get a 2nd opinion!
Good doctors welcome a second pair of eyes on your diagnosis and treatment plan. You deserve as much info as possible and can collect new and different facts and insights as you talk to other doctors. They know that two heads are always better than one. You may even want to get a 3rd opinion for peace of mind!  Medicine is as much art as science: good doctors know this and welcome hearing what you learn along the way.

Remember this tip! Put yourself first to overcome these fears!

Still concerned? Let this be your “mantra”:  it’s my body, my health, my life.

Good doctors welcome a collaborative relationship with you. They know that the more you know, the better your medical outcomes will be!