The Telehealth Trend is here to stay!
Is it right for you?

Some reasons why telehealth may work for you…
Will it take weeks or months to see your doctor?
Worried about spreading your germs – or picking up others – in a doctor’s waiting room?
Short on time or patience with traffic?

If “Yes” to any of the above, ask about telehealth! You may get an appointment sooner and at your convenience.  It’s your doctor’s call, of course, but it may be an option for you.

Why telehealth may not be for you…

  • Your doctor needs to perform a physical exam
  • You’re most comfortable with in-person meetings
  • You are uncomfortable with the technology involved
  • Your home doesn’t have a strong or reliable Wi-Fi signal
  • You’re concerned about internet security or other privacy issues

Watch for next week’s Tuesday Tips!
We’ll share how to get the most out of every telehealth meeting with your doctor – which may help you decide if telehealth is right for you.
(PREVIEW: Small details make a big difference!)

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