How to get the most out of every telehealth minute!  
Simply prepare as you would for a business meeting…

Create a written agenda.
• Your goals for meeting (in priority order)
• Your questions, and concerns (in priority)
•  Notes on how you feel
•  Email to doctor in advance or upload to the portal

Gather your supplies
• All medications, vitamins, supplements
• Thermometer, any home medical devices you use
• Paper and pen to take good notes!

Create a quiet conference room
• Let others know not to disturb you. (Don’t plan to take out the dog!)
• Adjust the lighting so the doctor can see your skin tone, a gauge of your health.

Test your technology! 
• Internet, computer, sound ­– leave no room for Murphy’s Law!
• Test the login your doctor’s office provides right away

Invite someone to join you!
Studies show that patients forget a lot of what their doctors say (completely normal!) These conversations are packed with lots of good info. Someone at your side, or by FaceTime, can take notes or help you remember your agenda. Nothing missed!

Finally… speak up for ‘plain speak’!
If your doctor uses medical terms you don’t understand, simply say so. You don’t want to leave any meeting with your doctor feeling confused or bewildered about your health!

Drop us a note if there are health care topics you want to know more about. We appreciate all ideas for ways we can help you feel more informed and confident navigating our complicated health care system!