Do you know the NEW Golden Rules of Health Care?
Let “Trust, but verify” guide you.  

We’re sharing Margaret’s true story today to show how following the Golden Rules of health care may alter the course of your care. For better and for worse, knowing you’re working with accurate information is key to getting your best.

Not to mention, key to your peace of mind!

Does this seem normal to you?
Margaret’s routine annual blood test revealed Stage 4 kidney failure. Her Dr. called in a prescription to start treatment ASAP, though he confessed to being as puzzled as Margaret when she pointed out that she had no symptoms. He ran another blood test – which came back perfectly normal! 

What happened?

A mix-up at the lab with another patient’s records! Though Margaret was in the clear, it’s tragic that someone else received her first result and may be living with kidney failure without treatment.

Help make sure this never happens to you! 
Follow these Golden Rules for managing your health care – as Margaret did! 

Trust your gut.  You are the expert on you!

Gather your facts to help you verify.

Speak up if your doctor’s recommendation doesn’t feel right for you. (Still don’t feel comfortable? Get a 2nd opinion.)

Be proactive. For your health. For your peace of mind!

Another thought…though this may sound corny, it’s easy to remember!

If in doubt, check it out!

In our health care system – which is stressed and stretched – it’s more important than ever to double-check everything.  We hope these Golden Rules  help guide and support you!

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