Plan to visit with your adult kids over the holidays?

Might be a good time to consider these “facts of life” together! 
We’ve shared this article with you before, and parents tell us it’s an eye-opener they appreciate. I share it from a harrowing personal experience, too.

When my 19-year-old son needed ER care, I will never forget the fear in his eyes and the fear in my heart. I don’t know if either one of us would have survived intact if I had not been able to be there for him in every way. Fortunately, I had his legal consent docs in hand, and his medical team was incredibly open and communicative with me every step of the way.

I hope something like this never happens to any of your kids, but still, I’m inspired to keep sharing these facts and solutions with you. Just in case…

FACT #1: The 18th birthday is a medical milestone! It’s when everyone becomes an adult in the healthcare world – with 100% responsibility for their medical decisions.

FACT#2: Without two legal documents signed by your adult child, medical providers must treat you like a stranger — that’s the law.  Parents can’t get information about their adult children’s medical condition, nor have a say in treatment.

Verbal consent works.  But what if they’re unconscious? confused, medicated, or compromised in some way.

Not just for your teens! For your older kids, too!

Even after they’re launched on their own, your family may want peace of mind that you can be there for each other during medical care, no matter what!

For peace of mind…

  • Download free Medical Power of Attorney and HIPAA Release forms from any government website for the state where your adult child goes to school or lives.
  • Make copies for everyone! (Include the student health center if they’re in school.) Does your child have electronic medical records? Be sure the completed forms are uploaded!
  • Create ICE (In Case of Emergency) directories on your phones.
  • Take pictures of the completed forms to store on your phones. Be sure the signature pages are clear!

This is a tough topic, isn’t it?  Especially during the holidays!

Maybe this will inspire you: once you get all documents in order, you may never need them, but you will have peace of mind daily.

And that’s a little something to celebrate!