In medicine, two heads are usually better than one! 

Gary is a tall, lanky guy in his mid-fifties whose stooped posture betrays pain and muscle atrophy. Despite regular physical therapy prescribed by his “bone doc”, a respected orthopedist, his body seemed to be aging by the minute.

Fortunately for Gary, his wife spoke up to her neurologist at a recent appointment and described his condition.  Amazingly, her doctor offered a diagnosis on the spot that turned out to be ‘spot on’!  Gary switched doctors and has every reason to hope for a full recovery of his old athletic self.

Wonderful! What happened? 

All of us have life experiences that shape how we perceive and analyze information.

Doctors are not immune from this very human trait: they tend to filter patients’ information based on their professional training and experiences.

In Gary’s case, his orthopedist saw his symptoms through the prism of expertise with the bones and muscles of the back.

His wife’s doctor analyzed the same symptoms through the prism of her specialty – the nervous system running through the back.

We don’t believe Gary’s doctor made a mistake – he just didn’t have exactly the right filter for Gary’s problem.

So what’s the moral of this story?  Trust yourself, trust your body.

Remember Gary’s story! Get a 2nd or even a 3rd opinion if you have a diagnosis or treatment that’s “getting you nowhere.”

Use our handy checklists to help you get the correct diagnosis and treatments for you.

You will be surprised to learn the KEY questions to ask every doctor you see!  Digging for even small details will help you feel more comfortable in your healthcare choices.

Good info = good peace of mind!