Five Times to Use 5 “Magic” Words
Key phrases that unlock doors to your best care.

Speak up for ‘plain speak’
When doctors use medical terms, patients tend to listen and nod, even when they don’t understand. Don’t be too proud to say these 5 words.

Please use everyday terms.

Speak up about drug costs
When medication is unaffordable, patients tend to skip doses or not take at all. Doctors want to know that the meds they prescribe work for you – and your budget. Your five magic words?  

What will this prescription cost?
What equivalent drug is cheaper?

Speak up to get the correct diagnosis
Studies show that upwards of 40% of diagnoses are incorrect, and; patients’ questions help lead to correct diagnoses. Start here with these 5 magic words:

What else could I have? 

Speak up for clarity on your care
In the hospital? Feeling overwhelmed, confused by all the info coming at you? The tests, medication changes…and more!  Start every day, every conversation with your doctor with these 5 magic words:

What’s the plan of care?

Speak up for a safe discharge
In the hospital? On your way out with no help at home? No food in the fridge? Feeling wobbly? Hospitals can’t discharge you and must arrange for home support if you say these five  words:

This is an unsafe discharge. 

Need help speaking up? We’ve been told that The Care Partner Project checklists do the trick!

Having good information at your fingertips builds confidence to help you find your voice…and be heard! So important for getting your best care – the care you and your loved ones deserve!