Thanks to Leah Binder, get the answer here!

And, thanks to Leah and the Leapfrog Group, we have many more “A” hospitals in the US than we did ten years ago. Since then, they’ve collected data to grade hospitals on their quality of patient care – which they freely share at Hospital Safety Grade. 

The Leapfrog Group has kind of a whimsical name, but make no mistake, it’s on a serious mission: ensuring you get the best, safest care… consistently, reliably, year after year. Quality medical care you can count on for yourself and your family!

Here’s a great example: in the Spring of 2021, St. Bernard’s in Chicago got an “F” rating and a full Leapfrog report on why. St. Bernard’s leaped into action, hiring new quality and safety staff and more. Guess what? In the fall of ’22, their Leapfrog rating jumped to B!  Why would they stop there? 

Look up your hospital. Not an A? Write to the Board and ask: what are you doing to get this grade up to snuff? Keep asking until you get an answer. 

And, if your hospital is an A, write a thank you note! 

Every patient deserves safe and sound hospital care. That’s what drives us. That’s what drives Leah and her team.

It’s challenging, detailed work – and sometimes – an uphill battle with some hospitals. So, if you’re in the mood to thank anyone for “watchdogging” your care, drop a note to Leah on a job well done for all of us!