Studies show… your doctor’s advice may blur from memory, but there’s a good way to keep it in focus!

When we’re under the weather – or have any health concerns – our minds and memories simply don’t operate at 100%. Fortunately, smartphones help us “fill in the blanks.” For every doctor’s appointment, ask their permission to record your conversation, so you won’t miss a detail.

Have to admit some doctors are uncomfortable with this request.  Here’s a good workaround: explain how recording their advice benefits them!

“Everything you’re saying is so important! 
I don’t want to bother you later if I forget something.”

Then, listen later, as often as you like. Have loved ones who want to know how you’re doing? Just hit “send” to share the recording.

Don’t forget!
We have a quick checklist to help you prep for every meeting with your doctor – and get the most out of every minute together!