Did you know that your “pearly whites” can protect you from getting pneumonia?
Don’t you  LOVE simple solutions for serious problems? Today, I am excited to share this new article with you about how to stop deadly pneumonia – literally, in its tracks!

Pneumonia is a big risk for hospital patients. But it doesn’t have to be! This deadly disease is highly preventable with good oral care. Why? Bacteria on teeth and gum can make its way to the lungs, a set-up for pneumonia. And pneumonia can be a set-up for deadlier sepsis. When patients get their teeth cleaned, flossed, and rinsed twice daily, pneumonia rates plummet! (In rehab and long-term care, too.)

But wait, there’s more. A trusty toothbrush protects all of us! The bacteria that causes cavities is the same bacteria that causes pneumonia. You can thwart it by coughing and staying on the move, but why give it a chance?

Give your teeth some love!
Brush, floss, rinse, repeat. 
So simple! So safe!

PS Be sure to check out our checklists for many other simple things you can do to prevent many other deadly diseases that affect hospital patients. Safe care is in your hands!