What’s all the fuss about patient safety? You may be surprised!

To those of us in health care, Patient Safety Awareness Week every March is a big deal. Patient safety informs everything we do! But, it lands with a thud on most everyone else.

Why? Studies show that patient safety is a non-issue (What’s the fuss?) or associated with something else: “Patient safety is making sure my watch isn’t stolen when I’m in the hospital.”

So, what is patient safety?  Simply, it’s quality care, “prevention of harm to patients.” Health care is complicated so we could go on and on, but here are a few good examples of safe, quality care:

– You get the correct diagnosis
– Your test results are explained in plain terms
– You don’t pick up a hospital infection
– Your doctors help coordinate your care
– You are fully informed of treatment choices

Sorry to say, the latest data on health care quality in the US isn’t pretty. The system clearly has its marching orders, but all of us can do our part, too.

– Be informed , know the risks and solutions
– Ask questions, don’t be shy, speak up
– Ask for help! Two heads are better than one!

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Now you know: patient sa
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not about your watch. it’s about being watchful The Care Partner Project is all about helping you do that!