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How to Support Loved Ones’ Hospital Care from Afar

Solo patients don’t have to be alone! Here’s how.

How to Help Make Sure Your Loved One Gets the Correct Diagnosis and Treatment 

How to get indepent 2nd opinons and make sure all treatment options are fully understood and agreed upon.

How to Plan for Good, Safe Care After A Hospital Stay

Help prevent medical complications and possible hospital round trip with a good plan and coordinated care after your loved one is disccharged.

How to Support Safe & Sound Pregnancy, Birth, & Recovery

Care partners to pregnant people are critical!

Medication Safety for Seniors: the Beers List of Potentially Innapropriate Medication for Older Adults

Around age 65, we tend to process some medications differently. Look up your meds here and if you find any of yours on the Beers List, discuss with your doc!

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