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Our checklists are written for patients’ Care Partners, often family or friends, concerned about a loved one’s care.

If you are viewing as a patient, the checklists are still helpful to you!

Feel free to share this page with your family and friends. Good information is good for everyone!

Helpful Forms to Keep You Organized Before and After a Hospital Stay

Keep track more easily of the myriad details of your loved one’s care with these handy forms:

    How to Prepare for and Support ER Care

    Whether or not you have a chronically ill or elderly loved one, being prepared for a hospital emergency room visit is a good idea for any family.

    How to Support Loved Ones’ Hospital Care from Afar

    Solo patients don’t have to be alone! Here’s how – beyond Face Time!

    How to Plan for Good, Safe Care After A Hospital Stay

    Help prevent medical complications and possible hospital round trip with a good plan and coordinated care after your loved one is discharged.

    How to Help Make Sure Your Loved One Gets the Correct Diagnosis and Treatment

    How to get independent 2nd opinions and make sure all treatment options are fully understood and agreed upon.

    Lists of “Caution” Medications for Children and Seniors

    Age makes a difference in how we process medications: children and seniors are affected most.

    Fortunately, there are simple guides anyone can use to look up prescriptions your doctor may order.  Keep these handy!

    Doctor Appointment icon

    How to Prep for Doctor Appointments

    Doctors are busy! They are generally pressed to schedule 2 or more patients in an hour.

    Make every minute count!  Prepare ahead of time, just as you would prepare for any important meeting.

    A heart symbolizing the love and comfort provide by palliative and hospice care.

    How to Choose Palliative or Hospice Care

    “Palliative” and “hospice” are often used as if they were the same – and they are not.  Use this checklist to help make decisions that best fit your loved one’s needs and wishes.

    Palliative and Hospice Care icon

    How to Evaluate Senior Residential Communities

    Continuing Care (beginning with independent living), Assisted Living (AL), Memory Care, Long-term Care (LTC, “nursing home”)

    It’s a big decision! Use these checklists and questions to help make a choice based on quality, safety, and fit for evolving needs.

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