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Safe & Sound in the Hospital

How to Get the Care You Want for the People You Love

Little known fact about hospital care:  30% of patients are accidentally harmed, and about 400,00 patients a year lose their lives as a result. Why? It’s no secret that our health care providers are stretched thin. Despite their best intentions, cracks in care open up. Pick up simple, practical tips to safeguard your loved ones’ hospital care.

  • What to watch for, say and do
  • Key moments when patients are especially vulnerable
  • How to support good communication—key to getting good care
  • Plus more

In less than an hour, learn how to save a life without 8 years of medical school!

Length: 2 versions, 40 minutes and 60 minutes

Audiences: Adults 18+, especially caregivers to parents or anyone managing an illness with high risk of hospital care, anyone considering surgery, professional patient advocates, Certified Senior Advisors, benefits managers, employee groups.

“Maxine Moments” in Health Care

10 Times When You Must Speak Up to Get the Best Care

For most of us, speaking up to doctors and nurses can be intimidating. But there are key stress points in health care that beg for you to be heard … and heeded.

Maxine always speaks up… but not always so diplomatically! This lively, interactive presentation sets up fun little “rehearsals” so participants leave with key info about when to speak up, and how to do so in a way that feels comfortable.

Learn how to chanel your inner Maxine to get your best care!

Length: 30-40 minutes

Audiences: All adults, especially seniors, caregivers to parents or anyone managing an illness, anyone considering surgery, professional patient advocates, Certified Senior Advisors, benefits managers, employee groups.

Your SuperPower Against SuperBugs

How to Wipe Out Deadly Germs Before They Have the Chance to Wipe You Out

Covid taught us a lot about one SuperBug and—and simple ways to protect ourselves. But, there are other “Supers” in our communities and health care centers. Too often, they don’t respond well to antibiotics, and there are no vaccines for them, either. Learn…

  • Where environental Superbugs lurk,
  • How to avoid them,
  • Their symptoms, and
  • When to get medical help… immediately.

Preventing Superbug infections is not rocket science. Invest just 45 minutes to protect your family and yourself.

Length: 45 minutes

Audiences: Everyone! Especially anyone who has  a compromised immune system or is caring for someone who is compromised, those who work in public health and patient education, patient advocates, school nurses, as well as staff in senior and group residential living communities.

Your Advance Care Plan

How to Put All the Pieces Together for Your Peace of Mind

At some point in our lives, we may not be abe to make health care decisions for ourselves. However, there are documents we can prepare that will express our wishes and guide decisions others may need to make on our behalf.

Naming your Medical Power of Attorney, and specifying your wishes in POLST and DNR documents are often fraught with assumptions and incomplete information that may mean your wishes are not carried out as you intend.

In less than an hour, pick up key ideas and “to-do’s” for a mindful and sensitive process that will serve you well and give you peace of mind.

 50 minutes

Audiences: Seniors, estate planning advisors, CSA/Certified Senior Advisors, professional patient advocates, staff in senior residential communities.

What We Learned From Covid

Beyond Facetime: How to Support Your Loved One’s Care From Afar

Too often, it’s  impossible to break from work or fly cross country to be at your loved one’s bedside during their hospital stay. Information you can pick up in Facetime chats with your loved one is pretty limited.

Learn the tips and strategies professional patient advocates picked up during Covid:

  • How and when to connect with medical staff  (best times of day and why)
  • How to get consistent, meaningul medical updates on your loved one
  • How to monitor care, diagnoses, recovery and more.

Even though you may be far away, you’ll be fully present in your loved one’s care.

Length: 30 minutes

Audiences: Anyone who is interested in being part of their loved ones’ health care, esp. families with members at risk  of needing hospital care due to a health care condition, seniors, estate planning advisors, CSA/Certified Senior Advisors, professional patient advocates.

The Telehealth Trend 

How to Get Great Care At Your Kitchen Table

Telehealth is fairly new, but gaining a lot of use, and it’s definitely here to stay. Like anything new, there’s a learning curve. This presentation is loaded with tips for deciding if telehealth is right for you  – and when it is –  you are set up for a smooth, efficient and productive meeting with your doctor.

  • When telehealth may be right for you (or not)
  • How to avoid common mishaps in setting up your “telehealth tech” at home
  • How to prep for every meeting with your doctor, and
  • How to get the most out of every minute … at your kitchen table!

Length: 45 minutes

Audiences: Everyone!

For most of us, nothing in life prepares us to navigate health care …which is complicated… especially in a crisis. We’re out to demystify care for safe and sound results, one hour, one group at a time.

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