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For uninsured patients, on their own, we  provide professional patient advocate services – with life-changing results!

A homeless woman in Atlanta with terminal cancer received residential hospice care to live her final days in safety and comfort.

A transgender college student in Chicago, abandoned by his parents, was losing his sight due to a rare eye disorder. Our Advocate found a specialist with a sight-saving treatment for him.

A truck driver who lived in his cab suffered a stroke and needed rehab. An advocate secured Medicaid benefits and care at a residential facility. He’s on the road to full recovery!

A homeless veteran in Texas had no knowledge or resources to access his VA benefits. Our advocate, a vet herself, set him up with the VA and other social services to ensure he is now able to get to all of his medical appointments and receive treatments he needs.

Plus many more…

About 30% of those we serve are homeless or home-insecure. The next time you see someone living on the street, think about how difficult it would be to access or manage medical care without guidance or resources of any kind.

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The Care Partner Project, a 501c3, is GuideStar Gold-rated.

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