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Donations also fund  advocacy services for patients who have no support and no insurance.

30% of the patients we serve through our Care Partner Fund are homeless or home-insecure.


A transgender college student in Chicago, abandoned by his parents and left to live alone and uninsured during Covid, was losing his sight to a rare eye disorder.  Our Advocate found a sight-saving treatment for him.

A Detroit truck driver who lived in his cab  suffered a stroke and needed rehab. An Advocate  secured a spot for him at a residential facility covered by Medicaid and made sure his disability checks reached him there.

A homeless veteran in Austin had no ability to  access his VA benefits. Our Advocate, a vet herself, set him up with the VA and other social services to ensure transportation to all medical appointments in the future.

A young man in Florida, paralyzed by a stab wound, was Medicaid qualified for intensive rehab, which offered him the possibility of walking again. Despite treatment by five doctors over many months, none coordinated his rehab program. Our Advocate not only got him placed within one week but also made sure Medicaid covered and delivered essential medical supplies he desperately needed.

Huge gratitude to our supporters with huge hearts.  

Barnes & Thornburg

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation

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