The Care Partner Project

How to get good care for all the people you love. 

The Care Partner Project

How to get good care for all the people you love.

The Care Partner Project

How to get good care for all the people you love.

Nothing in life prepares us to help our loved ones manage an illness or make health care decisions.

  Know what to ask

 Know what to do

  Know what to watch for

When you want to be there for them, use our quick checklists to help get good care!

hands holding

Hospital Stay "To-Do's"

How to safeguard and support your loved ones’ care at bedside. When to get a nurse!

hands holding

How to Support Care from Afar

When you can’t be there, how to monitor and support your loved one’s hospital care. 

Critical questions to ask to make fully informed decisions for any recommended surgery.

parents and new baby

Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery

Critical Care Partner “to-do’s” to support a new mother’s safe care at a vulnerable time.

parents and new baby

How to Plan Home Recovery

20% of patients end up back in the hospital in weeks. Know how to prevent a round trip.

It pays to prep for emergencies. It can make a big difference in the ER experience and care.

Couple consulting with doctor in her office

Questions for Every Diagnosis!

About 30% of diagnoses are incorrect. Key questions to ask for every diagnosis/2nd opinon.

Doctors have limited time! Know how to get value out of every minute you have together.

Telehealth right for you? Know how to prep for and meet your doctor “at your kitchen table.”

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A big move. A big decision. Key questions to ask and what to watch for: safety, quality, fit. 

Clear, simple facts and questions to ask to help you get the care your loved one needs.

Teamwork is key, too!

Doctors and nurses hard work hard for safe care, but it’s no secret they’re stretched and stressed.

Inevitably, cracks in care occur which accidentally harm about 12 million patients and cause more than 400,000 needless deaths. Every year.

The Solution? Pitch in for patients with our handy checklist guides.

If I'd had Care Partner checklists, dad would be alive today.

–Karen Curtiss,  Founder and Executive Director

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