Speaker Toolkit built for your success

Even if you have no prior speaking experience!

“There is no quicker way to build your advocacy business than public speaking.”

-Trisha Torrey

Dozens of tools to help you present like a pro!

Engaging presentations that showcase your expertise

    • Relevant topics, “insider secrets” to health care that everyone needs to know – and are usually a surprise to most
    • Versions for 15-minute, 30-minute and 45-minute presentations
    • Your script is provided for every slide (may put into your own words)
    • Modern, colorful graphics
    • Practical tips – usable, interesting, and memorable!
    • 11 years of rave reviews! 100% of audience members surveyed since 2011 said they would recommend our presentations to a friend

Tools to help you find, book and manage speaking engagements without a hitch.

  • Marketing letter template to solicit presentation opportunities
  • List of organizations known to engage speakers (and those that pay for speakers)
  • Checklists for all details involved in negotiating a speaking engagment and set-up
  • Sample marketing flyer
  • Sample speaker contract
  • Audience handouts to take home, with your company info
  • Audience evaluations, sign-in sheets, e-flyers, and more
  • Your photo and listing on TheCarePartnerProject.org
    with your name, credentials, company name, loction and links to your email and website.

Even… A Speaker Bootcamp!

This series is designed as a deep dive into our Speaker Toolkit to help you feel comfortable and confident marketing, booking and presenting our community education decks to help grow your business.

We cover each of our Speaker Kit tools and every presentation in depth. We also share a simple blueprint for building your sales funnel from your speaking engagements.


  • This program is offered in spring and fall.
  • Currently, at no extra fee.
  • Exclusively for our Speaker Team members

Please note: New programs are in the pipeline, and we always welcome suggestions for topics to cover. 

Two sessions per year
Noon – 1 pm CST  (recorded)

Session 1:  Speaker Kit tools and practices to set yourself up for success as a speaker to build your business

Sessions 2 – 9: Deep dive into each presentation, one per week:

  • Safe & Sound Hospital Care
  • 10 Times it’s Critical to Speak Up for Best Care
  • Community “Superbugs”
  • Advance Care Planning
  • How to Support Hospital Care from Afar
  • Telehealth
  • Hospice and Palliative Care
  • How to Choose Safe, Quality Senior Community

Here’s what some of our speakers have to say:

“Feedback on my presentations has been terrific! I’ve secured new clients and built my reputation as an expert advocate.”

– Lorie Gardener, RN

“Care Partner Project presentations are the best advertising we can do. They have been an amazing tool to help us generate new business.”

– Gwen Klein, RN

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Terms and Conditions

Licensed Materials

Our Speaker Kit resources are licensed materials, meaning you may use them, but we retain the copyrights. Materials may be modified somewhat to carry your name, company name, and contact information, but significant changes to the content can only be made with our prior approval. The reason for this policy is that numerous clinical and other subject matter experts have vetted all of our presentation content.

Last year, we hired someone to review our content, looking for recent studies to confirm or update our topics.  The Care Partner Project is known as being fact-based: licensing helps protect the rigor we apply to our content and programs.


The fees to join and maintain a license to all of our Speaker Kit tools are:

  • $150.00 fee to initiate license and membership
  • $14.95 per month to maintain license and membership benefits

To minimize administrative billing costs, it is  required that you keep your credit card on file with Square (our billing service), which has a secure encryption “vault.” (To our knowledge, Square has never been hacked.)

Ready to Join Our Speaker Team?

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