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Founder, the Care Partner Project

Messaging to Inspire and Empower

For Patients and Caregivers of Every Kind

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“Exceptional presentation”


“Eye opening”


I was very impressed with Karen’s presentation at the Southern California QSEN workshop. She was DYNAMIC, entertaining, and thought-provoking. As a seasoned nurse, I appreciate her patient centered approach and advocacy for intervention and prevention.

MSN, RN, College Professor

Emergency Department Supervisor


Karen Curtiss inspired participants at our conference with her important and timely message about patients and families as essential collaborators in patient safety and quality. She provides an exceptional presentation that provides practical tools and information on how health professionals can engage with patients and their caregivers to deliver safe and effective care.

Director, Doctoral Program

School of Nursing


Karen spoke at our patient safety event. Her ability to turn healthcare statistics into meaning on a personal level was inspiring and effective at motivating the audience to immediate action within their own facilities. I would highly recommend Karen as a speaker and motivator!

RN, Program Specialist

Quality Improvement Organization

Engage Karen Curtiss for Your Next Health Care Event

Sample topics for streaming or live presentations:

  • When Patients Speak Up, Who’s Listening?
  • Prevent Hospital-Acquired Conditions and Readmissions with Head, Heart, and Hands
  • 10 Times When Patients Really Must Speak Up for Better, Safer Care
  • Checklist Manifesto for Patients: How Simple To-Do’s Build Teams for Safer Care
  • Custom-tailored to your theme, learning objectives

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The Care Partner Project on the Road

We are grateful to the organizations that have supported and advanced our work, engaging Karen Curtiss to speak at their conference events.

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    • QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses) Annual Meeting, 2 occasions
    • University of Vermont Patient Safety Week Summit, Burlington
    • Providence Alaska Medical Center, Anchorage
    • University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, 2 occasions
    • The Center for Health Affairs/NEONI Conference, Cleveland
    • Carol Bromley Biennial APIC Conference, Anchorage, 2 occasions
    • Dallas Fort-Worth Hospital Council Foundation Patient Safety Awareness Week Annual Meeting, Dallas
    • Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Annual Leadership Retreat, Mansfield
    • Telligen Annual Meeting, Des Moines
    • Quality Insights Renal Network Annual Meeting, Newark
    • Maryland Hospital Association Annual Meeting, Baltimore
    • Patient Safety and Quality Nursing Education Forum, Pomona
    • Sharp Healthcare Annual Patient Safety Meeting, San Diego
    • Health Watch USA Conference for Health Care Transparency and Patient Advocacy, Lexington
    • Patient Safety, Science and Technology Summit, Irvine, 2 occasions
    • Medical-Surgical Nursing Conference, UCSF Medical Center and Benoit Children’s Hospital, San Francisco
    • Wyoming Hospital Association Annual Meeting, Flagstaff
    • California Association of Nursing Leaders Annual Conference, Palm Springs
    • Collaborative Alliance of Nursing Outcomes (CALNOC) Annual Meeting, Seattle
    • Washington State Health Advocacy Association  (WASHAA) Annual Meeting, Seattle
    • National Association of Healthcare Advocacy (NAHAC) Annual Meeting, Berkeley
    • International Conference of Patient Advocacy (ICOPA), Chicago
    • Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) Annual Women’s Conference, Los Angeles
    • Annual Nursing Research Conference, Long Beach
    • Peace Health Patient Safety Symposium, Ketchikan, AK

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    “Inspirational speaker! She has enriched healthcare with her thoughtful reflection on her experiences and tools she has developed and shares.”

    “Very moving presentation from a patient/family presentation that is highly motivating/inspirational”.

    “Her message and delivery were so poignant and heartfelt. I liked that her slides were simple pictures to reflect her feelings or a moment. They worked well to support her stories and to allow the audience to fully listen to her message.”

    “One of my favorite presentations of the day. Gave me a lot to think about.”

    “Her story was eye opening to many things that we as healthcare practitioners sometimes don’t see.”

    “It was an honor to hear about her experience with healthcare from a non-medical perspective. I will work to be a better care partner for my family.”

    “Great speaker. She was able to put the personal touch to why we do what we do to improve safety in our hospitals.”

    “One of my favorite presentations of the day. Gave me a lot to think about.”

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