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Newsletters are the #1 way to turn prospects into clients… but, who has the time? 

Take this “To-Do” off your shoulders. 

We write and email a quality newsletter to your list every week

    • Fresh, interesting and useful health care tips

    • Professionally written and designed according to health literacy best practices

You take the credit – every newsletter is branded as coming from you:

    • Your  logo

    • Your photo

    • Your contact information

    • Your custom call to action

    • Mutliple links to your website

Tuesday Tips newsletters deliver!

    • Our average 45% open rate strongly outperforms industry averages of 17-27%

Bonus Blog Option

If you choose, you will receive a Word document with the newsletter to copyand paste to your website as a blog.  (Great SEO!)


More uses for marketing your business! 

  • Use snippets of your newsletter text for your social media posts – and link to your website. 

  • Use newsletter text as your dialogue for quick videos to post to your website and social media acccounts..

The Tuesday Tips are excellent.  An Elder Care attorney who refers clients to me was absolutely impressed by their professionalism and content.  I have gotten several comments back from people telling me they find them helpful!

Kathy Quinn CSA, Kathy Quinn Advocacy, Belleport NY

Make the best use of your time and talents

For about $18.00 per newsletter …




  • Save countless hours of your billable time

  • More time for your clients!

  • More time for you!

  • Just $49.00 for 1-month trial, then $79.00 a month: 52 newsletters/year, about $18 each

Proceeds benefit The Care Partner Project programs, and services to underserved patients.   

Newsletter Designs: Which Fits Your Business Best?

NOTE The names shown are our titles for each design, for reference purposes only (not part of your newsletter.) You’ll specify your choice in the subscription form below using the title. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is a contract required?

No contract requred! But we do hope you stay for a year. It takes time to see results.

What if I don't have a big mailing list?

Start with your friends and family! They are the greatest referral source you have. They already know you and word of mouth recommendations are golden. Because everyone has such busy lives, we can’t assume that even friends and family remember what you do! Staying in touch with them with professionally written newsletters keeps you top of mind and helps them more fully understand all the services you provide.

As you meet new people, keep us posted. We update your list with additional names the last week of each month. You will be amazed by how quickly your list grows as you promote your business. (Consider  joining our Speaker Team – your prospects will grow by leaps and bounds!)


May I add names to my mailing list?

Absolutely – we hope your list grows! Just send your names to us in the Excel spreadsheet format you used when you signed up: 2 columns with the first name in the first column and email address in the 2nd. Please be sure you don’t send duplicates of any you’ve sent earlier to us. 

Speaking of duplicates, try to avoid sending the names of advocates, as many are already receiving our newsletter or sending it themselves under their own brand.

Is there a limit on the size of the mailing list?

Currently, we don’t have a limit.  We may have to revisit this in the future as our hosting costs increase, but right now, we have no plans to do so.  In all likelihood, we would simply charge a litle extra because we don’t want to limit your reach! We are delighted when you send us additional names for your mailing list.

One note of caution. Our system kicks out duplicate names/email addresses. The Care Partner Project has a lot of advocates on our own base so you will want to avoid mailing to them as they will be deleted. 

Any tips for building a good list?
Everyone has a different email server and each has their own set of rules about which emails go to spam, and which get delivered. We follow all best practices for making sure your email is recognized as a “safe send” but the email servers have minds of their own. Here’s what you can do:

1. Make sure your list is “fresh and clean”. Don’t add Aunt Jane’s email address you used 10 years ago. Make sure her email address is current. That goes for all email addresses… if in doubt, check it out. Old addresses end up in hard bounces, which could disqualify your list altogether.

2. In the fresh and clean category, don’t add email addresses from your church directory, PTO group of any other source where addresses may not know you or have never received an email from you (from your business address.) Sending to strangers can result in soft bounce or unsubscribes, and high rates of both could disqualify your entire list.

“High” is anything above approximately 2% of each type: hard and soft bounces, and unsubscribes.

Do you provide reports of open rates and unsubscribes for my list?

We expect that lists provided to us follow best practices, meaning that every person is an acquaintance, friend or relative. In other words, the list was not compiled by copying someone else’s directory (i.e. from a church, club or condo association.)

We monitor open rates to ensure that yours are in line with our own great track record. A much lower open rate would indicate that the list is a problem, that the contacts are  “strangers” to you, the sender. We would bring this to your attention. And, depending on the level of quality in your lists, we reserve the right to delete it entirely and suspend your subscription until you can provide a high quality list. 

We monitor unsubscribes for the same reason. They should be about 2% and if it goes higher, it usually means that the person doesn’t recognize you,  the sender.

From time to time, at our discretion, we share updates on overall open rates and unsubscribes.  Further detail is not included in your subscription. If you wish such a report, or if you want a list of those who have unsubscribed to your newsletter, such reports are available for an additonal charge, $75.00/hr.

From time to time, you may receive feedback from your subscribers such as: they are not receiving your newsletter,  they have unsubscribed and want to be added back, your newsletter is going to their spam folder.

Please recognize that there are email protocols and “rules” beyond our control, or may require troubleshooting support from a web host. Or perhaps, their was a typo on the list you provided.  For this kind of support, we charge $75.00 per hour, but we strongly encourage subscribers to trouble shoot on their own before contacting us for any kind of additional support, other than for uploading additional list names. 

Note: Anyone who has unscrubscribed from your list cannot be added back with the same email address (not our rule). 

Please also be aware that some “glitches” cannot be resolved by either of us. Email/spam/bulk email server protocols change all the time and vary by server. We strictly follow best practices, including the ratio of graphics to text, type and length of subject line, use of emojis and many more fine points that make a difference in deliverability and open rates.  

Do Tuesday Tips newsletters ever go to spam?

We follow all best practices to prevent your newsletters from going into your contact’s junk mail boxes. As you know, however, every email server has different “rules” for sorting mail – and these change over time. We will always stay abreast of best practices and follow them, but can’t guarantee delivery. The main thing you can do to help make sure your contact’s get your newsletters is to send them an email from your personal email address (one-by-one, or in small batches of approx. 25 or less), to let them know to look for your newsletter and mark your business email address as a “safe sender.”

By the way, if any of your newsletters are opened up from a junk mailbox, the graphic images won’t load, so your  newsletter banner, photo and logo won’t show up. To see them, the recoipeint must transfer the email to their inbox or mark as safe.

Despite these email limitations (headaches!), newsletters are sitll the #1 way to promote your business. Seeing your name anywhere is a good way to stay top of mind with your referral sourjces, clients and prospective clients. 

How are holiday weeks covered?

For major holiday weeks, we send a warm, friendly greeting appropriate to the season, or holiday, always non-denominational.  During those weeks, you won’t receive newsletter content for your blogs. 

Is each newsletter different or do you ever repeat?

From time-to-time we repeat a newsletter that covers a topic we know is particularly compelling, or if there are seasonal issues of concern (i.e. timing planned surgeries to avoid July and December.)

Tell me more about the "Bonus Blogs"!

Every newsletter can serve multiple purposes! We provide your newsletter content to you in a Word doc so you can easily post it on your website as a blog. Every website does blogs differently, so we don’t supply the icons we use in the newsletter, but if your blog format uses icons, FlatIcon.com is a great resource. Another commong blog format uses photos as headings for each post. We use Shutterstock.com but there are others.

We caution against using photos dragged off the internet or found in Google images as many are owned by Getty and they will come after you with a vengeance if you use any of theirs… and they will find you as their images carry an encryption code. We learned this the hard way, but were spared a HUGE fine because we are a non-profit and used one of their images for an educational purpose. You don’t have that protection. 

Use your newsletter/blog  content for your Facebook page posts, Instagram and Twitter, too! We caution against using on Linked In because we have many subscribers  – in all likeliheed you don’t want to show up on Linked In with the same content as other Advocates (even though it’s all friendly competiton!)  But that decision is really up to you!

You receivee the blog post just minutes after your newsletter goes out every Tuesday!  Be sure to look in your email, and if you don’t see it, look in your spam folder. Be sure to mark us as a safe sender if necessary. We don’t want you to miss your Bonus Blogs!

Are there any other costs involved?

If you decide to change your newsletter’s custom features, such as your logo, contact info, headshot or call-to-action line, there is a $50 charge to make changes. The charge is per occurence, not per feature.

If you need additional support, our time is billed at $75.00/hr.

PLEASE ALSO READ:  All  FAQ notes under “Do you provide reports on open rates and unsubscribes.”


It the Care Partner Project mentioned in my newsletter?

For your newsletter, your company is the “hero” brand. The Care Partner Project is mentioned in the footer with a small icon, just below the statement :Proud supporter, The Care Partner Project”.  This line and icon are linked to this site. Our address in Chicago is listed as well, per email best practices.  

Some newsletters will mention and link to resources that can be found on The Care Partner Project site, but only when they support the main message – or Tip – of the day.  


Questions? Review our FAQs for quick answers. Contact us for more!