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Patient advocate tips on post it notes

Short on time?

Short on ideas?

Don’t like to write?

Our newsletter program is for you! We supply the articles. You take the credit!

  • Fresh, interesting and useful health care tips
  • Professionally written according to health literacy best practices
  • Every article includes a “Call to Action” – a good reason to contact you!

    Every article reflects your professionalism

    • “Short and sweet”: Quick to read, friendly tone
    • Useful, practical tips & info that showcase your expertise
    • “Call to action”: A reason to contact you is given in every article  (topic-related)
    • Make it your own: Use “as is” or edit as you wish from the Word document we provide
    • Share everywhere. Link to your website, social media pages, anywhere you may reach your ideal prospects, clients and referral sources. Those touchpoints add up (Rule 23!)

      Our newsletters deliver!

      • We provide subject lines and teaser copy, so important for grabbing your audience’s attention.
      • Our average 45% open rate is more than double the health care business open rate of 21%.

      More ways to connect with your ideal prospects:

      • Post to your Facebook and Instagram pages
      • Drop into your website as a blog (great for your SEO)
      • Use as your script to create quick one-minute videos
      • Host webinars on each topic, invite Q & A with your audience

      Make the best use of your time and talents

      BONUS! Free coaching video on how to get started, how to automate your process, how to maintain high open rates … and more!

      Proceeds benefit The Care Partner Project programs, and services to underserved patients.


      (Frequently Asked Questions)

      How often should I send a newsletter?

      Best practices in newsletter marketing suggest sending your newsletter at least once per week, but if you can’t manage that, every other week is a good rhythem.  The important thing to remember is to do it consistently. Choose the same day of the week and stick to your schedule. Remember this “Rule of 23”  – it takes 23 impressions to make an impression! Those contacts with prospective clients, current clients and referral sources add up with a regular newsletter that offers them valuable info they can use, which trust in your expertise.  When you subscribe, you will have access to  a “bootcamp video” on how to format your newsletter for greatest support for your professionalism.

      For efficiency, consider using a company like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact which offer tools to automate the process: set up several newsletters at one time and schedule them out for a month or two.

      How do I access my articles every month?

      With your subscription, you receive a login pass to a large collection of newsletter articles, organized by topic. This library grows every month.

      You will  find articles by topic and you may read them in full before you download.  Read as many as you like before you choose.

      If the article has a seasonal “angle”, that will be noted for you, as well.

      Our system has a counter so you don’t have to choose your monthly articles in one visit.  You can select one and always come back later to pick another in your monthly package.

      Important note: our system counts from the 1st day of the month through the last, not on the anniversary date of when you get started. (Someday, we may have a more sophisticated software but this seems to work well for now!)

      Do your newsletter articles come with photos or graphics?

      If  you’ve been getting The Care Partner Project newsletter, you see that our style incorporates graphics. We’ve seen great newsletters without any graphics, and others that use photos. For that reason, we offer the articles alone, and you can customize as you wish. 

      If you would like to use graphics, we recommend and for photos, Both sites allow free downloads. These are just two good resources. There are many others you may find and prefer. 

      How is billing handled?

      When you subscribe, we bill through a company we trust, Square, a credit card processesor. We do not hold any credit card info ourselves. 

      We require that you keep your card on file for automatic payment every month which Square handles.  

      If you ever wish to discontinue the service, we request 30 days written notice. We don’t refund for partial months. We don’t refund if you miss accessing your articles, however, we do send a gentle reminder toward the end of every month to help you get the most out of your subscription. 

      When the month is over, your article allowance resets. In other words, if you forget to download your allotment of articles in one month, they don’t roll over into the next. 

      From time to time, we add graphics to the library that are “Bonus” items. You can access those free items whenever you want and as many times as you like. These are usually seasonal greetings. We explain their purpose in the bootcamp we offer for every subscriber. 

      Can you help set up my newsletter template design?

      We are not designers ourselves but we work with 2 amazing people we are happy to recommend! Melanie Johnson is a super talented designer who really “gets” patient advocacy – she’s the main designer for our website and all of our marketing materials. Reach out to Melanie at

      Stacy Edwards has been our Virtual Assistant for several years and she is very familiar with all of the major newsletter services, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact and others.  She can help you set up a template based on Melanie’s design (or any other’s) and also fill you in on the pros and cons of each service.  Contact Stacy at

      Both Melanie and Stacy charge very fair rates.

      You may also want to shop for help at and Upworks. We’ve used both resources at various times over the years.

      As a final note,  you may not need a graphic designer or help with set-up at all! Your logo at the top of the page with your signature and contact info at the bottom is an example of a simple, clean attractive layout that can be easily set up in one of the templates offered by one of the newsletter services, which all offer free plans, too. 


      Does my subscription require a contract?

      No, we do not hold you to a contract, however we do ask for 30 days written notice if you want to opt out at any time. 

      May I change my subscription level?

      Yes, if you’d ever like to change the number of articles per month that you subscirbe to, just contact us. We make changes on the 1st of every month. Any change you request after the 1st of the month goes into effect the first of the following month. 

      How do you achieve such high open rates?

      Motivating your audience to open your newslettter is both art and science, usually involving a lot of trial and error! Please plan to attend the free “bootcamp” we offer to pick up some good ideas and best practices.  You will receive an invitation when you subscribe. 

      What if another advocate and I have some of the same people on our our mailing lists?

      We piloted this program for a year and the only time this overlap occurred was when 2 advocates included other advocates on their lists. For this reason, we encourage you to send your newsletter to friends and family (GREAT referral sources for you), plus those whom you meet in your communities and elsewhere who fit your target market profile.

      That said, there is really nothing wrong if someone receives a the same/similar newsletter from 2 different advocates. Good information is good for everyone.  Also, this syndicated newsletter model is common in other fields, such as real estate. 

      Do you ever write custom newsletters for subscribers?

      We are always delighted to hear ideas for newsletter articles! However, we don’t write custom posts. Everything we produce is intended to reach the broadest possible audience.