Safe & Sound Patient and Family Engagement™




Nothing in life prepares patients to manage health care – which is increasingly complex.


Put patients, families and providers “on the same page” with clear information for a shared goal: safe & sound care.

Karen Curtiss, Founder and Director

Our simple checklists and forms “check the boxes” for engaging patient education

    • Branded as your own
    • May edit as you wish
    • Friendly tone, “everyday” terms
    • One-page format, modern graphics
    • ADA accessible
    • Turnkey, low-cost 
    • One week delivery, ready to upload to your site 

All Safe & Sound Content:

Meets quality guides for patient-centered care

​Has been vetted by clinician quality specialists

Offer versatile tools, multiple uses 

  • Website content and SEO
  • Patient portal information
  • Social media shares
  • E-books
  • Video/TV channel content
  • Patient packets
  • Pre-admisison emails and education
  • Simulations with students and clinicians

Free Implementation Guide

Includes dozens of  simple ways to use and share all Safe & Sound PFE resources with patients, families, physician practices, students and community services.

And more.



Increase Health Care Literacy    •    Increase Trust    •    Expand Your Safety Net of Care

“I’m more likely to ask questions.”

“I have more confidence in myself [as a Care Partner to loved one.]”

“My husband is fighting terminal cancer. I don’t feel so scared and not able to help him.”

“I appreciate my hospital giving me this information.”

“I have more confidence in my hospital [for sharing checklists.]

“[Checklists] give me peace of mind.”

“Will help me better support my mother.”

“So useful as a caregiver whose parent is going to the hospital so often, and as a professional who helps caregivers with information all day long.”

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support your patient-centered care goals.

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