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Nothing in life prepares patients and families to navigate health care – and it’s not easy!

Approximately 80 million people in the US are caregivers to loved ones with complex medical concerns

Their well-intentioned but spotty training means patients may not be consistently supported with best practices


With simple, friendly guidance, equip patients and families to partner with you for best care.



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The Care Partner Project | How to Get Good Health Care | Emergency Room Care

Planning a hospital stay? In hospital?

Share these simple steps to prepare for a planned stay, how to support good communication, safeguard care – and when to get a nurse!

The Care Partner Project | How to Get Good Health Care | Planning Care After Hospital Stay

Planning care after hospital stay?

Help patients and “Care Partners” prevent a hospital “round trip.” Share small details with planning checklists that make a difference!

The Care Partner Project | How to Get Good Health Care | Supporting Loved One from Afar

All Alone in a hospital stay?

When loved ones can’t be bedside,  share these these tips with them for supporting hospital care and good, helpful comunication with staff.  

The Care Partner Project | How to Get Good Health Care | Heading to an Emergency Room

Heading to an Emergency Room?

Share tips on how to prep for emergency care, help reduce their loved one’s anxiety, and support good communcation with staff. 

The Care Partner Project | How to Get Good Health Care | Planning a Hospital Delivery

Pregnant! Planning a hospital delivery?

Share how a mom-to-be will benefit from knowledgeable  and engaged Care Partners during pregnancy, childbirth and recovery.

The Care Partner Project | How to Get Good Health Care | Need a Diagnosis, 2nd Opinion

Looking for care options? Diagnosis?

For everyone’s peace of mind, share key questions to ask for every diagnosis. Guidance for 2nd opinions is valuable, too.

The Care Partner Project | How to Get Good Health Care | Facing Surgery & Recovery

Facing surgery and recovery?

Every sugery carries risk. Ensure your patients feel fully informed about every surgery. Offer simple to-do’s and questions to ask.  

The Care Partner Project | How to Get Good Health Care | Searching Senior Residential Options

Searching senior residential options?

Show your care and share key screening questions for a  decision: guidance for  quality and safety, fit for  needs. 

Simple messaging, friendly tone, helpful tools

All content is written at the 6th-grade literacy level or below, formatted in “bite-size” sections for ease of use. The friendly, conversational tone puts patients and families at ease. Simple, practical “hands on” tools, such as this fillable medication record, are also included.


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Reviewed: clinicians and subject matter experts 

Universit of Texas Medical Brand (UTMB)
The Oliver Center for Patient Safety
Providence Hospital
Univ. of Chicago
Stanford Hospital
Mountain Pacific Quality Health
The Patient Safety Movement Foundation


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AMA Literacy guidelines

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Medicare Engagement Goals

NQF Patient Safety Guidelines

QSEN Core Competencies


Meaningful Use

Joint Commission “Speak up” Campaign

The Moore Foundation Engagement Roadmap

Increase health care literacy and skills

“I’m more likely to ask questions.”

“I have more confidence in myself [as a Care Partner to loved one.]”

“My husband is fighting terminal cancer. I don’t feel so scared and not able to help him.”

Build trusting relationships

“I appreciate my hospital giving me this information.”

“I have more confidence in my hospital [for sharing checklists.]

“[Checklists] give me peace of mind.”

Expand your safety net of care

“Will help me better support my mother.”

“So useful as a caregiver whose parent is going to the hospital so often, and as a professional who helps caregivers with information all day long.”

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Our Care Partner Advocate Fund for professional advocacy support for underserved patients with complex and serious health care challenges. 


Community Education program, currently covering 40 markets, with educators and lively presentations on the “how-to’s” of navigating health care.

The Care Partner Project is a 501c3 non-profit, Gold-rated by GuideStar.