Safe & Sound Patient and Family Engagement™

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Simple checklists and forms that “check the boxes” for engaging patient education

    Friendly tone, “everyday” terms – a caring experience

      • One-page format, modern graphics
      • ADA accessible
      • Affordable! Pennies per patient 
      • One week delivery

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    Here’s the evidence: patients are hungry for clear information

    With 100% nursing support, we adopted the Safe & Sound PFE program – the solution we’ve been looking for! The checklists are simple, clear, and friendly – truly engaging!

    Safe & Sound has also inspired other QI activities at UTMB, which we’re excited about.

    I highly recommend Safe & Sound PFE to any organization dedicated to patient-centered care. It’s been an exceptional partnership for us.

    Meredith Masel MSW PhD

    Director, The Oliver Center for Patient Safety , The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston

    Website traffice increased 68%

    Website traffic increased 68% on a consistent basis after adding Safe & Sound checklists for patients and families to The Oliver Center’s online resources (since January ’23).

    You can trust Safe & Sound content

    Vetted by experts, based on best practices

    • AMA Literacy guidelines, 6th grade level/below
    • AHRQ Engagement Guidelines
    • Joint Commission “Speakup” Campaign
    • CMS Engagement Goals
    • NQF Patient Safety Guidelines
    • Moore Foundation Engagement Roadmap
    • Directly supports 8 HCAHPS metrics on medications, discharge, recovery
    • Indirectly supports HCAPHS communication metric
    • Supports Leapfrog metric on hand hygeine

    We walk the walk with you.

    An implementation guide

    comes with every subscription  offers dozens of simple ways to use and share your Safe & Sound PFE resources with patients, families, physician practices, students, and community services.

    Even… free coaching calls

    We’re your partners, here to provide guidance and support for the best and greatest use of your Safe & Sound resources for patients and families.

    The more they’re used, the more value they offer.

    Just a few ways to reach patients and families “where they’re at” with Safe & Sound content …

    Care Partner Project PFE implementation guide for its patient health care safety checklists and forms.

    • Website page/links/SEO (a good example)
    • Patient Portal
    • Social media
    • Video/TV channel content
    • Patient packets
    • Pre-admission emails

    PFE in days, not years.
    For pennies per patient.

    As non-profits go, we’re a bit odd. We put almost zero effort into fundraising. Instead, we charge a fair price for valuable resources no one else provides.

    We focus our time and skills on patient education.
    It’s what we do best so providers can focus on what they do best.

    Patients can learn.  Healers can heal.

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    Collage of photos people of all ages because everyone can benefit from learning more about health care safety.

    Increase Health Care Literacy    •    Increase Trust    •    Expand Your Safety Net of Care

    “I’m more likely to ask questions.”

    “I have more confidence in myself [as a Care Partner to loved one.]”

    “My husband is fighting terminal cancer. I don’t feel so scared and not able to help him.”

    “I appreciate my hospital giving me this information.”

    “I have more confidence in my hospital [for sharing checklists.]

    “[Checklists] give me peace of mind.”

    “Will help me better support my mother.”

    “So useful as a caregiver whose parent is going to the hospital so often, and as a professional who helps caregivers with information all day long.”

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