Implicit Bias Sensitivity Project 

We are grateful to the Dartmouth Insitute for their grant that enabled us to  share the stories of several families who’ve suffered from implicit bias in their health care experiences.

We produced this video for a group of medical and nursing school faculty, health care administrators and patient advocates who meet for a week every summer to come up with solutions for problems in our health care system.

Our next step is developing a discussion guide for nursing and medical students to accompany this video  which Dartmouth will distribute to faculty in those schools.

This is a collaboration! Please feel free to share your ideas for discussion topics – or share your story of times when you experienced bias in your own health care.

Don’t let implicit bias derail your quality of care.

The unconscious biases of health care providers can seriously impact the care you or your loved one receives as a patient.

It’s important to be aware of possible biases and to consciously address them so that you receive the full benefit of health care you can and should receive.  

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Please share your experiences and suggestions

This is a collaboration. We will respond to everyone who shares here. 

You need a new doctor. A good one! How do you decide who to try? 

New to town? Need a second opinion? Overwhelmed? 

Our task force of professional patient advocates help clients with these challenges all the time, but what if you don’t have that  professional help and need to find the best doctor for you? And then, how do you get in to see that person in a reasonable amount of time? 

We are working on our next set of checklists to help patients and their Care Partners with checklists to help guide them find and vet doctors for their needs. 

We welcome your tips! If two heads are better than one, htink what we can accomplish with your help on this project!