Speaker Network FAQs

I notice that most Care Partner Project speakers are independent Patient Advocates in private practice. Is that a requirement?

Public speaking is the #1 way to network and showcase your expertise in health care. The relatively new field of Patient Advocacy is growing and it’s been a natural partnership for all of us. We hope to continue to grow together, however we aim to get our patient safety presentations into every nook and cranny of the US by partnering with anyone who provides care for patients and  their families.

We would love to grow our grassroots community education outreach with case managers, home health care professionals, social workers, hospital education administrators – anyone who’s driven to make care better and safer for patients. Interested? Please join us!  Know someone who would be a perfect partner? Please share!

We appreciate your referrals!  If you know of other win-win partnerships, please drop us a note! If you belong to groups or associations that would like to learn more about our Speakers and community presentations, please contact Karen Curtiss, Karen.Curtiss@CarePartnerProject.org

May I use The Care Partner Project slides and content for other purposes or other kinds of community education?

,Yes! We love when presenters use slides (and the scripts we provide) to inspire blogs, Facebook posts, or You Tube videos. One of our speakers even created a few animated videos using Care Partner Project checklists. We just require that you strictly adore to the vetted medical and health care facts that comprise our content,  attribute The Care Partner Project,  and link to our home page.  If you have other ways to  “package” Care Partner Project content for community education, we’d love to hear your ideas!

May I make any changes to The Care Partner Project presentation decks?

All Care Partner Project content is evidence-based, taken from the research and publications of leading health care agencies and organization. Further, it  has been meticulously vetted by medical professionals who are subject matter experts in the topics covered. . In addition, our materials are designed according to The Care Partner Project’s signature brand style (colors, fonts, graphics, etc.) and we have paid for all photos used. In short, every detail has been mindfully considered to reflect and promote The Care Partner Project’s core mission , values and reputation as a reliable source of health care information.

While we are open to hearing about any refinements that speakers may suggest, we don’t permit changes. The exceptions are sections in each presentation deck where the presenter may customize with her/his name, company, contact info, website and other small details: these are clearly shown in each deck.

May I share The Care Partner Project slides or decks with others?

The Care Partner Project materials are offered through an exclusive licensing agreement.  If you enter into a licensing agreement with CampaignZERO to use our community education materials, they are for your exclusive use by you, personally. Licensed CampaignZERO materials cannot be copied or shared electronically for use by any others for educational or commercial use, or any other reason. If a circumstance arises that may warrant consideration for exception, please contact Karen Curtiss to discuss.

I’ve never done any public speaking, but I would like to try. Do you require that speakers have prior experience?

No experience needed! We trust that if you want to try something new, you feel ready, and we know our Speaker Kit tools will help you succeed. If you would like a little coaching, however, Nancy Ruffner in North Carolina, offers this virtual service.  Melissa Cardine  or Trisha Torrey may know of others.

Do you have a quota or requirement for the number of talks I would need to give in month or year?

No, we don’t. We recognize that our Community Educators are volunteers, juggling business, family and other commitments. Feedback from our educators who are in private practice as patient advocates is resoundingly positive — the presentations are designed to be highly interactive with audiences so a lot of fun to give. Plus, this wonderful exposure helps them develop new business.  

The Care Partner Project’s Community education is designed to be a high-impact, high-value experience for our speakers and audiences alike: we are very proud that 100% of audience members surveyed  (since we started in 2012!) say they would recommend our presentations to a friend. Such a win-win!

May I charge for The Care Partner Project talks I give?

Yes, you may charge a speaking fee and your fee is your decision.  Our Speaker Kit includes information on the type of organizations that usually pay speakers, plus we periodically offer Speaker Huddles on the topic.  Others on our Speaker Team can give you the best advice on this. The only exception is if you wish to develop any products or services (such as online classes or workshops) with The Care Partner Project content and charge a fee for such. This type of format would likely require our input and approvals for changes a new format would require, thus,  we would likely need to complete an affiliate licensing agreement and shared fee arrangement to cover our time. Contact Karen Curtiss  to discuss the possibilities.

The Care Partner Project has several speakers in my geographic area. Is there really room for one more?

Right now, there are so few of us doing Community Education on navigating health car, especially compared to the need — and YOU are needed!

The photo on this page says it best. Think of all the people you see in a mall or airport. Think of how many we would need in each of those places just to reach a even a fraction of them.

Please refer your friends who are advocates, Case Managers, Social Workers, Community Health workders… anyone who is dedicated to advancing health care literacy and best results for patients.

As a seasoned nurse, I appreciate [The Care Partner Project’s] patient-centered approach and advocacy for intervention and prevention.

–Tracy Snider, MSN, RN, Professor, Emergency Department Supervisor