Speaker Terms and Conditions

Together, we can advance health care literacy, patient safety, and patient advocacy.

Mission and Purpose:

Form a collaborative working relationship between The Care Partner Project  and community health speakers (Licensees) using  CPP Community Education Presentations and Speaker toolkit contents to advance health care literacy, patient safety, and patient advocacy.

The Community Presentations are proprietary to The Care Partner Project, developed to conform to evidence-based health care best practices available from leading  trusted resources, including but not limited to:

NQF, The National Quality Foundation

The CDC and APIC (Center for Disease Control and Association for Professionals in Infection Prevention)

AHRQ (Agency for Health Research and Quality) and The Moore Foundation, guides for patient and family education and engagement in health care

QSEN, Quality and Safety Education for Nurses

Dartmouth Institute and HPESS guides on health care access and equity.

The Care Partner Project’s Community Education content has been further vetted by leading subject matter experts.

Because Care Partner Project content is based on rigorous standards,  it is licensed complete, meaning that its Community Education presentations and related collaterals (audience hand-outs) cannot be changed or amended so as to protect the Care Partner Project’s reputation as a trusted resource for health care consumers.

The Care Partner Project Provides to Licensee:

  • One Speaker Toolkit within 1 business day after full payment is received for initiation, plus first month’s subscription membership.
  • Listing on The Care Partner Project’s Speaker page on its website within 3 business days.
  • Access to The Care Partner Project’s private Facebook Speaker community within 1 business day of application.

Licensee agrees:

  • Not to alter or edit without permission any Care Partner Project materials or content except where indicated as allowed on each item.
  • Not to share Care Partner Project materials electronically except in educational webinars, zoom meetings and the like where the Licensee is the presenter
  • NOT to represent that The Care Partner Project endorses Licensee or Licensee’s business services.

Single User License:

  • This license covers one speaker. Licensee agrees not to share The Care Partner Project materials with other speakers, clients, professional colleagues, prospective speaker booking agents/agencies, or similar.


  • Initiation: $125.00 for initial receipt of all Care Partner Project Speaker Kit contents
  • Monthly: $9.95, minimum of one year
  • Thereafter, for as long as Licensee possesses The Care Partner Project Speaker Kit contents

Payment and Terms:

  • Licensee agrees to keep credit card on file with The Care Partner Project’s credit card processing service for automatic monthly payment withdrawals. If/when credit card expires, Licensee agrees to replace within 3 business days.
  • The Care Partner Project reserves the right to change fees with 15-day notice to Licensee.

Renewal/Maintenance of Licensing Agreement:

Annual renewal is at the discretion of The Care Partner Project. Renewal and/or continued use is based on Licensee’s:

  • Responsible use of The Care Partner Project materials according to terms.
  • Unconflicted representation of The Care Partner Project, aligned with its culture, mission and values.
  • Payment history according to terms.


  • The Care Partner Project may immediately sever License for breach of this agreement or any breach of legal, moral, ethical or professional standards. No refunds are given.
  • Either party may cancel for any reason after one year with 30 day’s written notice.
  • In the case of cancellation or non-renewal by either party, Licensee agrees to destroy any/all electronic or print copies of The Care Partner Project materials and discontinue all Care Partner Project presentations.
  • The Care Partner Project’s Community Educators in good standing who choose not to renew may rejoin at any time. We honor the fact that Community Educators are volunteers and may have conflicts with work and family that limit their availabilty to perform community eduction.
  • Community Speakers may rejoin at no initiation cost but the the nominal monthly licensing fee will apply.


Contact Karen.Curtiss@CarePartnerProject.org with any questions.