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If you can influence, you can change lives.

Your Care Partner Project Speaker Toolkit

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Introduction to The Care Partner Project 

Presentation Decks

Find helpful Boot Camp vidoes of each presention 

Maxine Moments:

10 Times When You Must Speak Up for Your Best Care

How to Support Your Loved One’s Care From Afar

Your Advanced Directives: How to Make Them Uniquely You

Your SuperPower Over SuperBugs

The Telehealth Trend: How to Get Great Care at Your Kitchen Table

 How to Vet Senior Residential Communities on Quality, Safety, Fit for Evolving Needs

Audience Handouts for Each Presentation  

Download and email these PDFs to audience members after you present. They will appreciate having the notes and your follow-up email is a nice way to thank audience members for attending and create another memorable connection with you. 

Marketing Tools to Help Book Speaking Engagements

Tools to Help Prepare for & Manage Speaking Engagements

Tools to Help Develop Speaking Skills

More Helpful Tools and Tips

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   Boot Camp: How to grow your business through speaking 

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