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Fund an advocate for a patient in crisis

Provide a lifeline for an uninsured patient dealing with a serious medical crisis—simply by funding the services of a professional patient advocate.  

We’ve built a nationwide network of dedicated patient advocates who welcome the chance to assist those who are in desperate need, but lack health insurance, resources and support. With your funding, our advocates can help the vulnerable secure quality medical care and move forward to a healthier future.

Sponsor patients for just $1200 each for life-changing results like these:

the care partner project Chicago, IL

A homeless woman in Atlanta with terminal cancer was looking for somewhere to turn. A Care Partner Project Advocate secured hospice care so she could live her final days in safety and comfort.

the care partner project Chicago, IL

An undocumented worker in Texas suffered a job-site accident, putting him in the hospital on a ventilator. One of our RN Advocates closely monitored his care, which resulted in quick weaning  from the ventilator preventing long-term damage. He was discharged a week earlier than expected, too!

the care partner project Chicago, IL

A transgender college student in Chicago, abandoned by his parents and left to live alone during Covid, was losing his sight due to a rare eye disorder. Our Advocate found a specialist with a sight-saving treatment for him.

the care partner project Chicago, IL

A Detroit truck driver, who lived in his cab, suffered a stroke and needed rehab. An Advocate secured a spot for him at a residential facility covered by Medicaid. She even made sure his disability checks reached him there.

the care partner project Chicago, IL

A homeless veteran in Austin had no knowledge  or resources to access his VA benefits. Our Advocate, a vet herself, set him up with the VA and other social services to ensure transportation to all medical appointments in the future.

the care partner project Chicago, IL

A young man in Florida, paralyzed by a stab wound, was Medicaid-qualified for intensive rehab which offered him the possibility of walking again. Despite treatment by 5 doctors over many months, none coordinated his rehab program. Our Advocate not only got him placed in a program within 1 week, but made sure Medicaid covered and delivered essential medical supplies he desperately needed.

Do you support good healthcare education? As you know, people have different learning styles – which is why developing multi-media resources is key. Sponsor a short, animated video to advance healthcare literacy, and thus, safe and sound health care. 

Choose a checklist topic and help us translate it into a lively animated video to reach a new audience of consumers.   For your sponsorship, we’ll…

  • Post your logo prominently at the beginning and end of every video you sponsor
  • Post your logo  on our homepage
  • Highlight your sponsorship on every press release
  • Enhance your social media presence and further goodwill for your organization.

Sponsor for $5000 per video.

Extend your good name through our community ambassadors program. Sponsor a community education program—choose a topic or a local community that’s important to you.

When it comes to improving the health of Americans, community education plays a pivotal role. For more than a decade, our experienced and dynamic speakers have presented vetted, topical programs to a wide range of civic, senior, employer groups and more. We currently cover 40 markets and  aim to double that by year’s end. 

There are several ways to partner with us to expand community education initiatives, from updating an existing presentation…to collaborating on a new topic that’s close to your heart…to hosting programs for your company, or other community affiliates.

Sponsor for  $2500 per program developed (topic suggestions welcomed!)

The possibilities are infinite. Let’s talk!

Your logo will be featured on..

  •  Community Program materials
  • Our home page, and
  • Our sponsor listing page
  • Every press release to media

Be a comforting friend to patients and families. Our checklists offer valuable, trusted health care guidance that builds confidence in all kinds of  health care situations that can be daunting. Sponsor a checklist. Sponsor confidence!

People download and print our health care checklists every day for help managing hospital stays, emergency room care, childbirth and much more.

Choose a checklist to sponsor—perhaps one that correlates to your business or products—and we’ll add your logo to the downloadable PDF as well as the corresponding checklist online. It’s a great way to show patients and families that you care about their health care challenges and offer solutions they can trust.

Sponsor for $1800 per checklist.