Terms and Conditions:

The Care Partner Project's Advocacy Fund provides grants to help cover the services of professional patient advocates for those who are uninsured or under-insured by Medicaid.

 Participating patient advocates may identify qualifying patient candidates for funding through their own, independent business practices. Candidates must be submitted to The Care Partner Project for approval. Applications for funding are reviewed within hours of submission.

Submit a patient for funding assistance

Our promise to you:

Transparency about funding resources

We will provide regular updates of the Care Partner Project funding levels as they are used or as donations are received.

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This page is used as a marketing tool to attract additional Care Partner Project funding from high net worth, corporate and hospital sponsors. Advocate’s listing will include a description of advocate’s areas of specialty and links to advocate’s website and contact information.

Post-engagement participant feedback

We will share reviews and testimonials provided by the advocate’s clients. Feedback will be collected in a satisfaction survey administered by The Care Partner Project after each funded engagement is completed.

Your promise to us:

Quality of service

The Care Partner Project reserves the right to disqualify any member Advocate if warranted by poor customer satisfaction surveys. Such disqualification would not occur, however, without sharing survey results with the Advocate and allowing for a balanced discussion.


The Care Partner Project may immediately revoke participation for any breach of this agreement or any breach of legal, moral, ethical or professional standards.

Voluntary commitment

Advocate may drop out of the Care Partner Project with 30 days written notice.

Patient Advocates agree:



Due to the potential for the volume of requests to exceed funding resources, the Care Partner Project Advocacy Fund may not be publicized or offered to clients unless their inability to pay is known.


client contact information is requested for a follow-up survey, strictly to collect demographic and impact information required for donor reports and to document our impact as a non-profit.



business on the basis of the Care Partner Fund. Nominations for funding must come through the regular course of business and be offered as an option only after determining significant limitations on the client’s financial resources.


results of client engagements funded by the Care Partner Project to help measure our impact



potential clients based on need to the best of their ability.


any ideas for improvement and growth as time permits.

 Program Disclosure

The Care Partner Project reserves the right to change the nature, structure and guidelines of the Care Partner Advocacy Fund program or requirements at any time without notice.